Viewer Support

Can I Test My System

Yes. Simply click on the link to be taken to a test event and see if you can play the video back. Should you be able to do this you should have no problems viewing your live event

How Do I Ask a Question?

Click on the blue Hexagonal icon with the speech bubble - should questions not be available during the session it will be a email

You Haven't Asked my Question

We endevour to ask as many questions as possible however if we don't get time or they are not appropriate for the session we will get back to you ASAP via email

The Video wont start playback

Check with your IT services if Videos are allowed on the network and if the are any other firewall restrictions in place. a good test is to jump onto YouTube and see if any videos will play from there

The Video Quality is Not Great

Should the clarity of the video not be great simply select the Cog icon and ensure that it is set to 1080 or 720 - should your video buffer or constantly pause you may need to reduce the quality as you may have slow internet

I missed something can I review the video?

Yes - videos will be able to be replayed immediately after the event, until the event organizer decides to remove them

What if I Need Support

Simply Contact us and send us a message or if during a live event simply ask a question and we will be able to support you ASAP